Naval design and Engineering

From the primary step of conceptualizing and modelling, our team of professionals is capable of executing a comprehensive naval design process to your utmost satisfaction. If you have an idea of your own, let us hear about it in detail so we can analyze its ups and downs and theorize it as the first step. We always try to maintain a constant communication channel with our clients to facilitate the best customer experience. After communicating the initial findings, we convey our idea towards you in order to proceed to the modelling step.


If you don’t want to go to the extent of developing a completely new design from scratch, we can take care of that too. Over the years, our team of professionals has developed a unique set of boat designs for those kinds of situations. Just peek through our collection of unique vessel series and pick a design of your choice. With that base design, we can help develop the vessel of your choice.

The words luxury yachts, composite vessels, catamarans concisely describe our specialty range. But our capabilities are not limited to that, as our design team has accumulated experience over 50yrs. We can provide proper consultancy to infuse your ideas into reality. With a profound sense of theory and reality, taking on novel and innovating tasks has became our passion over the time.

  • Yacht Design
  • Motorboat Design
  • Fishing and passengers boat design for small vessels
  • Ship refit and conformity studies
  • Misc Industry Design somewhere related to ship industry
  • Stability experiments and calculations
  • Structural FEM calculations including composites materials for hulls & keels
  • Structural FEM calculations at second order (high displacements) for rigs
  • Design consultancy and technical assistance
  • Complete design documentation equipped with drawings, 3D models and technical sheets
  • Systems design – Piping, wiring, propulsion and sound systems