Sailing boat

35' course croisière

Project of a 35 feet racer-cruiser specially developped for the IRC rating.


New project developped for this new ORC Racing class.

Moth Sabrosa

Following the moth "Sphinx Colibri", we worked on a production version of an international Moth.

The target was to develop an efficient and simple boat at a minimum selling price.

This project benefits from the great support of the engineering shool ISMANS.


Built in sandwich Carbon/PVC/vinylester infused, with all the recess integrated for an easy setup of the wings in carbon tubes. The daggerboard housing enables some tuning on the AOA of the main foil.


Moth Sphinx Colibri

The prototype 'Sphinx-colibri' was the first International Moth fully developped and built in France.

In collaboration with Tristan Pouliquen, this prototype was built in the enginneering shool ISMANS.

The hull/deck mold were built by Franck Cahagnier. We focused our work on the foils with a CFD study carried by our friend and expert Gerard Bouteau.

The highly quality construction in vacuum Carbon/epoxy benefit of the expertise of Anthony Rezzoug (member of the hydropter team).


The Valbella Project was born from the utopist project of Mr Healey to build a 100% sustainable and organic mega yacht in early 2004.

The result is not utopist but realistic, we made concessions to rules and state of the art constraints but its remains the greenest project even in its financial aspect.  After the incredible growth of yacht market in the last years, 131 feet long can considered as a small mega yacht but is gigantism sustainable ?


Fan class is the first boat designed and built from the principle from the inventor Guy Broquaire. While canting downwind, the rig brings the keels upwind in order to reduce the heel. This with a patented de solid ring all around the hull structure.

This boat was designed with the precious help of Jean Marc Tabuteau.


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Bee 6,50

Small family fast yacht for sheltered waters. The pleasure of a light boat fitted with carbon and teck. Yard Bee composites (Rennes, France) 2005.

Length : 6.54 m

Width : 2.50 m

Weight : 580 Kg


Sabrosa Class 40

Imaginated from long discussions with François Angoulvant and the will to offer a boat able to race both ashore and across the atlantic ocean, while providing some good comfort, the SABROSA class 40 was designed before the Class40 rule box appeared. The initial project was equipped with a canting keel and a central daggerboard, then it changed to a more simple boat for budget reasons. Now, the only remains of its original purpose is a  width less important than the boats specially designed for the 40' rules.


Minibee 650

A small sailing boat designed in collaboration with Francis Bougrat

Easy to sail alone or with a reduced crew and transportable, it is stable

with its heavy keel but still easily transportable on its trailer with a car and beachable with the lifting keel.

It is manufactured at Barramundi Boatyard in Sri Lanka, and equipped in La Trinité sur Mer (France)


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