Olivier Gouard, founderOlivier Gouard

Naval Architect, Yacht Designer, ISMANS master of engineering

Pornichet, France & Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mobile FR: 06 22 04 38 83 / Mobile SL: 0094 770 747 968



Francois RougierFrançois Rougier, founder

IFAN Naval Architect, Arts & Métiers PARITECH master of engineering, "Agrégé" professor of Mechanical Engineering 

283 rue des tamaris -14880 Hermanville/mer - France 

Mobile. 06 35 93 14 50



Prabath Kumarasinghe

Prabath Kumarasinghe

Assitant Engineer at Sri Lanka office




Yohan Yasiru

Yohan Yasiru

Assistant Engineer at Sri Lanka office




Nuraka Dilhani

Nuraka Dilhani

Draftsman at Sri Lanka office




People we work with:

_Marc Lombard Architecture Navale /

 One of the best racing and cruising yacht designer, inventor of the curved foils and early developer of the powerful IMOCA 60. I (Olivier) learnt a lot working with this great team and spent some very interesting time working on passionating projects (IMOCA 60, Mini, Zero, Run 45, Speed Feet 18, Figaro 2, etc...)


_Barramundi Boatyard PVT /

Builder of the Minibee and many other like Lerouge's Design Catamaran, 470, 510, RIBS, windblades.


_ISMANS Engineering shool /

Great Engineering shool which worked on the development on the Moth. Specialized in FEM & Breakthrough Research policies


_Bat'Kare HF /

We worked on several sketches and draft projects like a classe 9.50 and Eole 62'


_Sabrosa Compétition /

Builder of the Sabrosa Clas 40 MK1.


_Cardot Marine /

Specialist in RIB


_Euridis Ingéniérie /

Design bureau of Efinor group.


_Vincent Lebailly /

Big catamarans specialist, former Architect from Garcia Yachts


_Dr A Hemon / HYDRIA sarl
internal waters ships & propeller specialist

_Jean Marc Tabuteau /

EEC Certification & administrative consulting