SUP 15' x 30'' BLACK MAMBA

This Stand Up Paddle is designed for NAUSICAA (www.nausicaa.org).

It's shape is a compromise between flat water speed and open sea downwind surfing.

It's size allow everybody to use it easily while its length bring effortless speed.

As the US Coat guard now consider Stand Up Paddles as vessels, and this vessels have prooved their ability for long range races, it can be used as a toy or tender onboard a cruising leisure ship.



Aquadice is an artistic work by Max Mulhern, based on Sean and Random Phenomenon.

Solar coastal trawler

This solar powered trimaran concept traweler project was developped with the French Association "CONCEPT HELIOS PROPULTION".

It was dedicated to coastel and canal trawling and has the range ability with an average sunny day to across the chanel between Southampton and Le Havre then to continue to Paris.

This concept was abandonned with the lack of budget (EU FEDER budgets).

Partnership with TARA TARI

Tuesday, Corentin Dechatel came in Normandy for a technical meeting, the partnership continues on the structural fields for the development of

Next step the 100% natural jute fiber ship !


more infos:




RAIN is the technical partner for this program whose purpose is to build locally a solar catamaran to transport both local goods and eco tourists on the Pangalane canal in Madagascar. This project is run by "L'HOMME & L'ENVIROMMENENT" (http://www.madagascar-environnement.com/nos-sites-de-gestion/projet-vohi...).


Design for MOPELIA COMPOSITES (Caen, France) of this wakeskate board.



Since it is difficult to get the autorizations to build a new vessel in the EEC fishing context or to get credit for a new vessel, many fishermen need to refit old ships. This importants works are often the occasion to improve the deck ergonomy, comfort and, to mount new devices for more efficient fishing techniques and sometimes to improve the seakeeping and stability.

This refit activity also deals with small passengers vessels.

As long as the hull is still good adapted to the works and activities, this is a step in sustainable developement.


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