Sailing boat

DC 470

Based on a well proven hull designed by Eric Lerouge, we were asked to make a day charter version of the boat, to be operated by a sri lanka company based in the south of Srilanka.

After structural study in FE both for the boat and mast, our Sri lanka office completed the full design, full set of plan, and survey in close collaboration with the yard.


Fully built in epoxy sandwich in the facilities of the BAFF Polymech boatyard, in Koggala, Sri Lanka

Carbon mast, made locally with filament winding technique.


Light displacement: 8,5 T

Sabrosa SR40MK2 Class40

We have a new project of a class 40 boat for 2 customers.

We have carried a full CFD study, thanks to our partnership with Numeca.

The boat is semi customized construction, to let clients adapt the deckplan to their wishes.

Toolings include a 3D CNC female mold for the hull, and a female mold for the deck.


- Project management by Sabrosa Competition

- Composite Building by Shoreteam

- Hardware fixing and Finishing by V1D2

- design and engineering by Sabrosa-Rain


More news coming soon


Musard 29

Currently on the drawing board, the original Musard 29 is a 8.8 meter long transportable cruising boat.

Designed for maximum freedom, she's easy to rig & sail with its two carbon standing masts.

The reduced draft allows internal waters navigations while its "Herbulot Caravelle" bow offers an incredible front berth.

It is also possible to get a big double rear bed instead of the two small ones.


VIK 600

This 6 meters long trailable sailboat is designed to be built with plywood & glass.

Part of the ballast is water in order to optimize the ship weight on the trailer.

The keel is fully retractable. 

From an original design of "Chantier du Bessin" in Normandy, we designed the 

hull shape, keel, sail plan, structural details and general balance and stability.

The drawings include a lot of details of mechanical parts.


More information is available on its webside :

Wood epoxy cruising catamaran structure.

Collaboration with Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design for the structure and pre calc of rig for this cruising 55 feet catamaran.

More info at :


A new full carbon version of the Minibee with a fixed keel and carbon mast.

Built in sandwich carbon/epoxy infusion at the Barramundi boatyard.

Catamaran Witness 80'

Projet de catamaran d'exploration tropicale éco-conçu.

Merci à tous ceux qui se sont intéressés au projet et qui nous apporté leur connaisance pour développer ce projet: Hugues Farsy de Batkare, Armelle payer, Emilie, Gwenael Cadiou, Harold Quinquis, l'équipe d'EVEA ...____/)__

Mini transat MK1

Prototype for the Mini-transat

Class 9.50

Prototype for the new Class 9,50, offshore short handed racer;

The class 9,50 is a Box-rule similar to the Mini or the class40.


We collaboarte on this project with Hugues Farsy.

Eole 62'

62' cruiser for the boatyard "Eole" in Madagascar.

Design in collaboration with Archimade.

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