Working boat

HUGALICE, Line fishing boat

This small aluminium fishing vessel id dedicated to line Fishing in the Channel.

The frot pilot house includes a small kitchen area and a two berths cabin.

The deck load is 4 tons, Gasoil capacity is 1000 liters and tonnage of 8 UMS


Sashimi MK2 'Pearl'

The Sashimi MK2 was designed as an economical longliner fishing catamaran, to be used in Sri lanka.

Based on a preliminary design by German Frers, and slightly modified by Sebastien Magnen. The first boat has been bult in Sri L, anka, at the BAFF polymech boatyard under the guidance of a French boatbuilder.

Line & Net Fishing boat

This ship is dedicated to net and line fishing in the French channel.

It is built in aluminium at AASM yard  (

Bureau Veritas is the choosen class society in charge of this ship.

It has de 3 men crew and 4 tons  on deck capability.


Polyvalent Fishing Vessel Refit : "ILE MAURICE"

We had to transform this 20 years old gillnetter into a a polyvalent gillnetter/trawler ship.

We needed to redesign the hull in order to increase stability, seakeeping ability and payload.

The specificaly designed spansons help increase the propeller efficiency at low speed to reduce fuel consumption while increasing the thrust. 

This work was done under the supervision of Bureau Veritas with some financial help of the EEC fishing program.

"BARFLEUR" Ferry main mast

Design and calculations of the new removable footmast for the ferry "BARFLEUR" (BV)

that was built and installed by the Cherbourg based company "NORMETAL"


Drawings and studies for this small and fast aluminium fishing boat based at Dieppe Harbour built at RICHARD yard in Courseulles/mer


Drawings and studies for this small polyvalent trawler fishing boat built at JAMES shipyard in Port en BEssin and fully equipped by DIGNE & FRANCOISE.

Old wooden fishing vessel refit into sea water tank

Studies for the refit of this old wooden small fishing vessel into a tanker dedicated to provide BIOTHALASSOL laboratory with open sea water for the product process.

Small Harbour tug

Project of polyvalent harbour tug boat dedicated for Antifer harbour.

Design buit in strong thickness aluminium.


Refit fishing trawler "VAUBAN"

Deck strucural analysis and stability tests & calculations for this steel trawler built in 1992 at SNCNR yard in Normandy (France)

This purpose of this refit was to mount new fishing aparatus to practice both classical trawl fishing and Danish seine fishing.

The stability calculations was the delicate key point of this "première" in France.


Class society : Bureau Veritas

Drums : Bopp

Méchanics : Digne & Françoise

Images : Ship owner and yard


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