Sashimi MK2 'Pearl'

The Sashimi MK2 was designed as an economical longliner fishing catamaran, to be used in Sri lanka.

Based on a preliminary design by German Frers, and slightly modified by Sebastien Magnen. The first boat has been bult in Sri L, anka, at the BAFF polymech boatyard under the guidance of a French boatbuilder.

We are working on the refit if this prototype into a daycharter use, for the south touristic coast of Sri Lanka, to be operated by the new founded Sri Sail company.

One of the main target on this project, is also to use maximum quantity of Jute fiber composite with fabrics locally produced.

Extensive mechanical testing have been carrided to improve our knowledge on this fiber and the best suited production method.

The boat also feature a bipod mast made of local available steel profile, and caries a gennaker of 90m².